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"I taught English in Thailand for a year, and I tried to continue in education when I returned to the United States, but it wasn’t nearly as fulfilling for me. In Thailand, teachers are really revered. In the hierarchy of prestige, it goes: kings, then monks, then teachers. Parents would always be asking for advice. My students would come up and hug me in the streets. It was almost like I was being welcomed into the families of my students, and we were working together toward education. Back in America, it felt like Home and School were two different zones. It felt more isolating. In Thailand, I definitely felt like I was making a difference. In America, it felt like ‘maybe’ I was making a difference.”
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飛逝的模樣 (by 有海的地方)
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_MG_8040 (by Framera)
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_MG_8738 (by Framera)
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Splash (by Paul Mo - What I See)
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IMG_9407 (by issye)
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DSC_7406 (by dahlialpeterson)
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